Born and raised in Springfield Massachusetts, independent artist and songwriter Alex Rohan has always had a passion for music. Growing up with a family full of musicians, Alex had an interest early on. He began singing at a very young age and from there taught himself how to play guitar. He started to perform for more than just his family. As a teenager, he started playing at local bars and restaurants where he gained a lot of his early musical experience.

Rohan is not only a musician but also an esteemed song writer. His repertoire of original songs breaks barriers between genres through meaningful and expressive songwriting. His first solo EP entitled “Lancaster” debuted in 2021. Critics calling it a “mix of reggae and alternative” (Nantucket Inquire and Mirror), it includes “engulfing songs with intense instrumentals”. He also pays homage to other genres with songs of a country feel with folk inspired melodies.

Beyond playing his own originals, Alex’s live performances include covers of artists such as Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. His solo shows include rhythmic and lead guitar riffs with live looping that engage the audience. His smooth, soulful vocals aid in the genre-bending artists’ ability to please the audience. When Rohan has the opportunity, he and his band The Alex Rohan Band, will bring the progressive jam-band feel while showcasing talented vocals and musicianship. 

As Alex continues to establish his own name, he has supported many other musicians, such as Mark Roberge of O.A.R., Jack Johnson, and Badfish a tribute to Sublime. As a growing musician, he began playing bigger venues as the headliner himself. He now plays upwards of 150 shows a year. Alongside bigger events, you can continue to find him at local establishments. Rohan feels some of the best energy is found at home continuing to support the community that supports him.

New England is not the only place you will find Alex. His talent with both musicianship and songwriting has brought him across the country to different music festivals and events. He has had week long residencies in places like Nantucket playing for Cisco Brewery to Florida for Blast on the Bay Songwriters festival. He has appeared everywhere from casino stages to the Big E, one of the country’s biggest fairs. As a BMI songwriter, he has appeared alongside other artists including Chris Young, Jelly Roll, and Riley Green in the Key West Songwriters Festival. Alex has plans to continue traveling and releasing new music. His latest inspiration for his songwriting has been his growing family, as Rohan and his wife welcomed a daughter in late 2023.