Residing in Springfield Massachusetts Alex is a BMI Songwriter, with a unique & polished style of guitar playing and deep emotion filled lyrics alongside powerful & delicate vocals. Alex offers a wide variety and pays homage to all genre’s. Music and its ability to bring people together always fascinated Alex, starting his singing career very young. If not in the back seat of his mothers 1990 Honda Civic as a toddler, then listening to the chosen radio stations at her hair salon's. Also his father's musicianship and love for music led Alex into a whole generation of fantastic influences. Music was literally in every direction Alex Looked. Falling in love with Artist's / Genres such as: Micheal Jackson, Nirvana, The Eagles, Cat Stevens, Beach Boys, Boys 2 Men ,Ub 40,Jewel, James Taylor, Reggae, Jazz / Funk, Folk & Blue Grass, Progressive, Punk, Heavy Metal and Rap/R&B. Essentially influencing his chord progressions and lyrical selection. In Alex's most recent years he has found success as Independent Singer/Songwriter. While sticking to his roots he still builds amazing full bands and polished duo’s and Trio’s. Alex Remains very busy and is progressing With every new musical journey that is presented. In November of 2021 Alex Released his debut 5 song  Solo EP called "Lancaster" recorded at Spirit House Recording Studio in Longmeadow Massachusetts. This EP was a huge success and is available for purchase and streaming on all music platforms. The album was recorded live! With some big names and amazing musicians on the EP, Such as: Adam Steinberg, Beau Sasser, Paul Kochanski, Tommy Dhiel, Laura Manzi, Produced by Danny Bernini & Paul McNamara.

This collaboration resulted in opening many new doors. Alex Had a very successful EP release party at “Gateway City Arts” in Holyoke Ma, Also In  September of 2021 Alex opened for “Marc Roberge” of “O.A.R” also has been invited to many BMI songwriters events such as: Island Hopper and Key West Songwriters Festival. While maintaining his full time job as a CDL - Class A Truck Driver Alex travels all throughout New England making delivery’s and playing music everywhere and anywhere he can. In honor of the hard working class heroes in January of 2022 Alex and two other songwriters started a Songwriters series called “Blue-Collar Songwriter's series”. Alex found a way to give back to the local songwriting community and create something similar to what with through BMI on a national scale. A way to “Bridge the gap” for us all to “come together” and share our stories with a eager audience and fellow songwriters is the dream. These shows are happening once every other month at a chosen location (For more info follow @BlueCollarSongs)